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3b + episode titles.


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Saving people, hunting things, the family business

Say good night to your brother.

there was a body. you said it was erica. she’s not dead.


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Well I hope they do the next book because it really did suck :/ also it didnt stick to the book as much as id hoped.

yeah. But i expected that. Hollywood never liked the whole sticking to the book thing.

I believe it’ll  be the same thing that happened with hunger games. They’ll go full book on the next movie and it’ll be way better.

Anyways the movie is great 9/10 so i’m happy with it

// also there was the whole movie length thing, i think they had to make everything shorter in the end and it ended up like that 


have you also read the book??

no i didnt, actually.
And i’m so sorry for those who read it , because if i didnt read it and i thought i the ending sucked, imagine what those who read the book thought